10 things nobody tells you about giving birth


#5 You might defecate during delivery

This is an especially unsavory possibility that happens far more often than most women will admit. If it happens to you, don’t feel embarrassed. It’s nothing the nurses haven’t seen before.


#6 Babies can look like they’re covered in cottage cheese

No, your baby’s skin isn’t falling off and it won’t always be coated by a sticky, cheese-like white substance. More common in babies born before 40 weeks, this covering, known as vernix caseosa, was what protected your baby’s skin in the womb.


#7 Babies can be very hairy — not just on their heads

Some babies resemble monkeys more than humans when they’re first born, and this isn’t just because of the hair on their heads. You might notice hair on your little one’s arms, shoulders and even back, and it can be quite dark. This, too, will rub off in time.


#8 Baby’s head shape will change

If you deliver vag*nally, the bones in your baby’s head will have to compress as they squeeze through the birth canal. They don’t immediately resume their round shape. In fact, they may remain rather cone-shaped for several days. This effect can be worse if an intervention was required during birth, such as use of a vacuum or forceps.