9 Signs He’s perfect for You!


They don’t play beautiful music when your Mr. Right walks in when it comes to real life but there are surely signs which can help you identify him. He might walk in after you’ve gone through a lot of heartbreaks, but it will be all worth it.

1. He takes genuine interest in your life.

If he really cares for you, he will take interest in everything you do. He will support you when you’re down and he’ll motivate you when you’re on the verge of giving up on your dreams. He will be the first person to run to you with a tissue to wipe your tears when you’re depressed.

2. You feel protected around him.

If he really loves you, he will make sure that everything in your life goes right when he is with you. The security to feel need not be physical only. It takes a lot of trust to trust someone this much for a girl because they have done a lot for you to make you feel that way.