She Didn’t Shower For Two Days, Look What Happened To Her Body!


We all had that one classmate in high school or university that just didn’t take a shower everyday. It was pretty obvious too, the oily hair, a film of sweat on the skin, and of course the offensive body odour. You wanted to gently remind that person to please consider the benefits of taking a shower.

And it seemed to be worse in the winter time when that individual incorrectly assumed that the cold weather kept him fresh. It’s fair to say, we all felt relieved when you were not in the same classes the following semester.

Some folks assume that skipping the shower for a couple of days is actually good for you. The most common argument for ignoring a nice, hot bath is that it builds up the immune system and cavemen didn’t shower daily. It may be hard to believe but getting a clean wash everyday is fundamental. Skipping the showers even for two days is actually quite gross.

Why wouldn’t anyone want to take a shower first thing in the morning?

It wakes all your senses up. It’s pretty awesome when you come out of the shower and put on clean clothes to get ready to conquer the world.

Some people are not satisfied with just one shower a day; doing one in the morning and one at night is very common.

According to a 2008 report by Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA), a global hygiene company, Australians are amongst the cleanest people on the planet.