She Died After Prom, What Her Friends Did With The Dress Moved Me To Tears!

The most beautiful stories are born out of tragedy.


Catherine Malatesta was a beloved daughter and friend, just about to make her way out of high school and into adulthood. Unfortunately, during her last year of school, the unthinkable happened: She was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, and there wasn’t much that could be done.

While we’d love to say that Catherine made it through her illness unscathed, the outcome was much more devastating. What happened as a result of that outcome, though, was incredibly powerful — and further proof that sometimes, the most beautiful stories are born out of tragedy.

This is Catherine Malatesta. A happy, ambitious, and smart 16-year-old, Malatesta would sadly be diagnosed with Stage IV cancer just weeks after this photo was taken.

Before her diagnosis, she was a strong athlete. She only went to the doctor after feeling a pain in her shoulder, which she thought was a sports injury.