Here’s What Guys REALLY Want In Bed, And It’s Not What You Think!


You may find yourself in a rut when it comes to your sexual. relationship with your partner. Couples who have been together for a long time often complain that their other half no longer tries when it comes to doing the deed. And we tend to make the assumption that men just want sex, they only need for the word to be uttered and they are ready to go.

That is not quite the case. Males need to feel desired and wanted by their lovers. They are no different than women in many ways. They want their love life to have a little bit of sugar and spice. And just like you, they want variety in the bedroom and outside of it too.

Sex.. is an intimate act that is fun, so enjoy yourself while you turn your man on. Here is a list of things men want you to do to get them in the mood.

Just like he tells you how beautiful you are, he needs to hear encouraging words as well.

Men have feelings too. What body part do you love about him? His lips, eyes, legs? Whatever it is, let him know. He wants to hear you tell him.

Let’s be honest about this, he likes oral sex… He is ready to receive anytime is offered to him.

Men love getting treated to oral sex. Ask him what he likes, you may be surprised to find out he is not looking for some weird, fetish stuff down there. Take your time.