The REAL Difference Between Europe And America Will Open Your Eyes!


We’re not saying that one nation is better than the other, but when it comes to differences, Europe and America are a world apart. We’re not just referring to the body of water that separates these two continents either. There are subtle and major differences in customs, eating habits, traditions, transportation, sports and even life expectancy. There are even distinction in personal values between Americans and Europeans as well. Don’t even get us started on world politics. Even when it comes to military action, the U.S. is far more prone to believe in swift military force to maintain world order, whereas Europeans believe that the approval of the UN should come first. So yes, although we’re all human on the inside, life in these countries are far more different than you’d expect.

Nudity is viewed quite differently among these two nations.

Europeans cater to nudists in several beaches. They also show women topless on television on a regular basis without censorship. So if you’re Gung-ho about nudity, then you should go to Europe, who is far more chillaxed about the whole thing.

Americans find that nudity is far more restrictive than their European counterparts.

For starters, the only time you’ll see a boob on television is if you’re watching a premium channel or downloading porn. There is zero tolerance for women going topless unless they’re flashing their boobs during Mardi Gras. It’s so restrictive that some women are even shamed for breastfeeding in public.