The REAL Difference Between Europe And America Will Open Your Eyes!


Europeans often get a better vacation package than Americans do.

Labor laws guarantee that Europeans get a minimum of 4 weeks vacation a year. The best part is that they can opt to take a whole month off or break it down throughout the year. U.S. employees who are lucky enough to work for a company willing to provide them with paid vacation have to accrue vacation time first. Even then, taking more than a couple of days off can be frowned upon.

Lunch time at work is viewed differently by employers in both countries.

In the States, you might get anywhere from a half hour break to an hour break, but only if you work 8 hours a day. Anything under that may get you either a half hour or two 15 minute breaks that can’t be combined. Plus, if you eat at your desk, your boss might think you’re slacking off. In Europe, you’re encouraged to leave your desk for an hour, sometimes more because they consider lunch one of the most important meals of the day.