The REAL Difference Between Europe And America Will Open Your Eyes!


Television seems to be all anyone even talks about in the workplace or just about anywhere if you’re in the States.

Unfortunately, by the time that most overworked Americans get home, the only thing they want to do is sit down in front of the TV and drown out their stressful day in reality shows, comedies, fantasies, drama, and supernatural series. When they go to work the next day, all they do is obsessively talk about TV shows. Europeans tend to focused less on TV shows. It’s not that they don’t watch television. They’re just not as obsessed about it and don’t feel the need to make it the main topic of every single conversation.


Sports are neither a family affair or a buffet in Europe.

European men prefer to attend a soccer game on their own or with a buddy, but rarely do they invite their significant other or their children. They also never eat during a game, but they will drink alcohol like there’s no tomorrow. In the States, kids are encouraged to go with their dads to the game. The wife often tags along too. While watching American sports, they’ll pig out on hot dogs, cheese fries, Cracker Jacks and XL drinks, not to mention alcohol.