The REAL Difference Between Europe And America Will Open Your Eyes!


When it comes to food portions, Americans and Europeans simply don’t see eye to eye.

Americans can’t get enough of their XL fries, 5 stacker burgers, and XL Coke. It’s become a lifestyle to feed this insatiable hunger that often leads to health problems. When Europeans pack on the pounds, it’s often because they lead a more chillaxed lifestyle, but to stuff their faces with anything but the smaller sized portions they’re used to is almost gluttony in their eyes.

Both cultures have a different point of view when it comes to casual fashion.

Although this is just a generalization, European women would never walk out without makeup on. College students often dress up as if everyday were a special event. Europeans simply hate to look sloppy. So imagine what they must think of Americans who often attend classes in their Pajamas or go to the mall in baggy sweatpants, out of style jeans, sweatshirts, or white tennis shoes?