Ridiculous Thigh Gap Jewelry Makes A Powerful Point We Can’t Ignore!


In case you didn’t know what a thigh gap was, it’s where you stand with your feet together, but your thighs don’t touch. But it’s not something you can expect to achieve naturally. It requires a lot of extreme dieting, which could lead to some serious body image issues down the line. Despite the health risks, women are achieving this thigh gap, even if it requires surgery. But of course you can’t have a thigh gap and not accessorize the darn thing. So one creative designer has created an ornament that hangs between the thighs, and now the thigh gap jewelry is becoming super sexy and trendy among girls and young women, but there’s a twist.

Now imagine being a bride who unravels the bottom of her dress to reveal some sexy legs, but wait! Something’s missing!

Yeah, the distance between the thighs are noticeable and also eerily empty. So wouldn’t it be cool to accessorize that gap with some beautifully designed ornaments?

You certainly wouldn’t want the groom going under the dress to remove your girdle with his teeth in front of the other wedding guests looking like this, right?

Sure, the legs look beautiful the way they are, but is accessorizing the gap between the thighs really such a big deal? It’s like jewelry for the crotch, and the last thing any woman wants is to come off like they intentionally want to draw attention to what’s down there.