Ridiculous Thigh Gap Jewelry Makes A Powerful Point We Can’t Ignore!


The Singapore designer wanted to take the issue head on, so she created this spoof site to get women’s attention over a serious issue.

Body image perception is a real problem, and Bae wanted to take this thigh gap trend head-on. The site contained statistical information and quotes such as, “If we allow the media to keep popularizing such

Bae had a very good reason to play this trick on people and that was to create a reaction, and she certainly did that and more.

Her subterfuge brought about a response to the growing weight loss trend that’s been popularized by social media. In this, the designer hoped that people would begin to reflect on all of the absurd things that teens and women were obsessing over in reference to body image.



It’s easy for women, and anyone for that matter, to feel insecure about their bodies.

Which is why so many women were enticed by the faux site in the first place. Ultimately, achieving gender equality based on image vanity jewelry alone can make that goal seem light years away.