Ridiculous Thigh Gap Jewelry Makes A Powerful Point We Can’t Ignore!


When you’re willing to spend $185 on a proverbial tassel for your lady parts, it’s time to stop and think.

This is exactly what Bae wanted to prove because the media has convinced men and women alike that their body looks wrong, which results in unrealistic expectations and extreme disappointment in the way one’s body looks when those goals aren’t achieved.

The website aims to post all of the popularized imperfections that the media has emphasized on from head to toe.

From thigh gaps to collarbone challenges, there’s just so much pressure on teens and women these days. Honestly, wearing something that looks like a golden tampon just slipped out of your vagina is certainly not preferable to having thighs rubbing together.

Of course, it’s not easy to fight body shaming, body dysmorphia and other forms of negative body image views.

That’s why the site offers some great advice on how you can resist the media’s attempt to influence body image. It also guides young women to seek support from their friends and loved ones when they feel down. If all else fails, Bae’s site recommends that you seek out professional help to get you back on track to loving yourself for who you are.

To drive the point home, Bae added quotes from a couple of health care professionals who specialize in dealing with eating disorders.

It’s totally a great concept to create a fictional company to highlight an issue and get people’s attention because in a world full of fake beauty, the world really needs a dose of a lot more reality.